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Partners in Project Independence
Project Independence offers mentoring to support participants making major life changes. Of course, funding is limited and PI is not able to help them with on-going necessities. Similar to the Adopt-A-Family Program, the Partners in PI allows a group or individual to impact a family. The Partners in PI program is a year-round partnership to help meet some basic needs for families that are attending college and striving for a better life. Community partners may choose a family based on the family profiles and choose the length of time that they will be able to contribute to the family. The involvement is individualized based on the needs the participant and the resources of the partner. Ideas for supporting a PI participant include: gas cards, household products, seasonal items, or encouragement notes. You or your group could also support the program through donating workshop materials, haircuts, oil changes, repairs, etc. Let us support these families as they make positive changes for themselves and their family.


For more information please contact Tammy Smith at 574-269-6019 x225 or email tsmith@combinedcommunityservices.org